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New Orleans Rhythm Kings take verifications directly from the Gennett 78s

For takes on CDs: “NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS 1922-1923” on Classics #1129 and “NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS 1922 - 1925 The Complete Set” on Retrieval 79031 (2 CDs) A few years ago, I noticed a few discrepancies on take identifications between the Classics CD (catalog number 1129) and the more comprehensive CD set on Retrieval (catalog number 79031).  I’ll bet that there are just two or three cases of take ID conflicts between the two sets, but it remains a substantive concern due to the importance of this music. A comparison of the takes on Classics 1129, “NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS 1922-1923", with the two volumes on Lp on CJM (Classic Jazz Masters CJM 12 & CJM 13), NORK: New Orleans Rhythm Kings Volume 1 1922 – 23 and NORK: New Orleans Rhythm Kings Volume 2  1923, lead strongly to the conclusion that any mistakes on take identification are only on the Retrieval 79031, “NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS 1922 - 1925 The Complete Set”. But a complete analysis is prevented as only the Retrieval 79031 has all known takes, while the Classics 1129 has only one take even for tunes when known additional takes could presumably have been included. [Classics used only one take even when the initial and/or master take is uncertain.] Any extra takes, of course, are derived from the original Gennett 78s. it became clear to me that comprehensive take verification for any reissue requires comparison with those original releases on Gennett. My original releases of New Orleans Rhythm Kings (aka Friars Society Orchestra for August 29 & 30, 1922) are limited to the following. I’ve included take verification from the Gennett 78 even when only one take is known. AUGUST 29 & 30, 1922 Eccentric 11178B = 1129 Farewell Blues 11179C = 1129 Discontented Blues 11180A = 1129 Bugle Call Rag 11181B = 1129 Panama 11882B = 1129 Tiger Rag 11183C = 1129 Oriental 11185 = 1129 MARCH 12 & 13, 1923 That’s A Plenty 11353A = 79031 CD One Track 10 Shimmeshawabble 11354 = 1129 = 79031 CD One Track 11 - 79031 MISLABELED!! 11354 is listed as 11354B ON 79031 That Da Da Strain 11356 = 1129 Tin Roof Blues 11359 = 1129 = 79031 CD Two Track 13 Tin Roof Blues 11359A = 79031 CD One Track 16 Tin Roof Blues 11359B = 79031 CD Two Track 14 JULY 17 & 18, 1923 Marguerite 11536A = 1129 Milenberg Joys 11551C = 79031 CD One Track 23 Any other conflicts on takes between the Classic CD and the double CD on Retrieval hasn’t as yet be verified against the 78s by me. by Phil Schaap